Edmonton protocol

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Edmonton protocol is an obligatory norm, which was after the year 2000 ratified by world leading workplaces that remove pancreas from the bodies of donors. This document's task is to unite the method of removement. Establishment of the protocol significantly has helped to increase the long -term successment of transplantation of pancreas (today it is between 80–90%) as well as transplantation of the islets of Langerhans and their function from ca. 20 % after the first year of transplantation to today's 50–80 %. IKEM labs also use this protocol.

Main points of the protocol are
  • age of donor is between 25–70 years old;
  • perfusion with UW fluid, then local cooling;
  • cold ischemia within 8 hours;
  • warm ischemia max. within 10 minutes (no ischemia is better);
  • exclusion of diabetes mellitus (donor).

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