Cubital Fossa

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Boundaries of the cubital fossa

Boundaries of the cubital fossa[edit | edit source]

  • Base - this is an imaginary line joining the two epicondyles of the humerus
  • Medial border (ulnar) - pronator teres muscle
  • Lateral border (radial) - brachioradialis muscle
  • Roof - consist of fascia. superficial nerves and blood vessels are found here, covered by skin.
  • Foor - medially: brachialis and laterally: supinator

Contents[edit | edit source]

Content of the cubital fossa
  • one can also use the mnemonic for lateral to medial: "Really Need Beer To Be At My Nicest". (radial n., bicipital tendon, brachial a., median n.)

The ulnar nerve is also in the area, but is not in the cubital fossa; it occupies a groove on the posterior aspect of the medial epicondyle of the humerus. Several veins are also in the area (for example, the median cubital vein, cephalic vein, and basilic vein) but these are usually considered superficial to the cubital fossa, and not part of its contents.

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