Ulnar artery

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Ulnar Artery
ulnar artery

Arteries of the forearm

THE A12.2.09.041
Resigns from a. brachialis
Branches a. recurrent ulnaris, rete articulare cubiti, a. nutricia ulnae, a. interossea com., r. carpalis dors., r. carpalis palmaris, r. palmaris prof. , arcus palmaris spf. , aa. digital palmares com.

The ulnar artery descends from the division of the brachialis artery under the caput commune ulnare between the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle and the flexor digitorum superficialis muscle .

It gives off the a. interossea communis, which subsequently divides into the a. interossea anterior, posterior and a. commitans nervi mediani (during the development of the main artery of the limb).  It also sends branches for the rete carpi palmare and dorsale , passes through the canalis ulnaris (Guyon's canal)  , issues the r. palmaris profundus to the arcus palmaris profundus and forms the arcus palmaris superficialis .

It supplies the muscles of the anterior and dorsal groups, the supinator muscle , the palm, the back of the hand and fingers, the skin in the medial half of the forearm.

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