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Citation of sources is an essential part of any professional work. The author lists the sources in such a format that the cited document can be found. There are different citation styles that vary by document type.

Citation Styles[edit | edit source]

It is important to maintain a uniform form of citations throughout the work.

We quote:

  • at the end of the entire work
  • at the end of the chapters
  • under the line

Formal citation styles are governed by:

norms - apply to VŠKP

  • ČSN ISO 690:2011 (Bibliographic citation)
  • ČSN 010195 (Bibliographic record)

instructions for authors from the publisher

Citation Examples[edit | edit source]

Citation of monograph[edit | edit source]

Catalog record

Mandatory information: author, title, order of publication, year of publication, ISBN

Optional information: place of publication, publisher, number of pages, edition

Neurorehabilitation - Marcela Lippertová-Grünerová, [co-authors Jan Pfeiffer, Olga Švestková]. -- 1st ed.. -- Prague : Galén, 2005. -- 350 pp. : ill., ISBN 80-7262-317-6

Example: LIPPERTOVA-GRÜNEROVA, Marcela. Neurorehabilitation. 1st ed. Prague: Galén, 2005. 350 pp. ISBN 80-7262-317-6

Quoting a journal article[edit | edit source]

Citation from PubMed: given data: author, title of the article, name of the journal, volume, number, year, pages, ISSN of the journal

[Ergotherapy in palliative care]
Chaudéron M, Vabre A.
Soins Gerontol. 1999 Aug-Oct;(19):37-8. French. No abstract available.
PMID: 10745932 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Example: CHAUDÉRON M. and A. VABRE [Ergotherapy in palliative care]. Soins Gerontol. 1999, vol. 19, pp. 37-38.

Citing a journal article with a link to an electronic version[edit | edit source]

  • MUSIL, D. Deep vein thrombosis: The minimum for general practitioners. Medicine for practice. 2009, year 6, No. 5, pp. 231–234. Also available from:
  • TWIJNSTRA, Minke J., et al. Regional Trauma System Reduces Mortality and Changes Admission Rates: A Before and After Study. Annals of Surgery [online]. 2009, 251(2), 339-343 [cit. 2010 –02 –17]. ISSN 0003 –4932. Available commercially from the OVID system (DOI):

DOI[edit | edit source]

DOI = Digital Object Identifier – a commercial centralized system for identifying works accessible in digital form. These are permanent identifiers that, unlike URLs, do not refer to a network location, but to content (if the article is provided by different providers - eg Oxford, EBSCO and ProQuest - the URLs are different)

Citing a Web Source[edit | edit source]

Information provided: author / corporation, name, date (from where taken), date of citation, link Citation: Infogram: portal for information literacy support [online]. c2009 [cited 2009-11-25]. Available from: <

In-Text Citation[edit | edit source]

Using numerical data:

  • The authors state in their publication: " ... " [1, p. 234]
  • The authors deal in detail with the issue... [1]

Using the first data in the record and the year:

  • The authors state in their publication: "..." [Lippertová-Grünerová, 2005, p. 234]
  • The authors deal in detail with the issue... [Lippertová-Grünerová, 2005]

Using running notes:

  • notes are continuously numbered in the text (using a superscript or round or square brackets). Annotator can be placed below the line, at the end of the chapter or at the end of the text. Notes do not have to contain a complete bibliographic citation. An unnumbered alphabetical list of complete bibliographic citations is at the end of the text, and the content of the note must clearly identify the citation from the end list.[edit | edit source]

The MU project offers:

  • information on correct citation
  • teaching animations
  • discussion forum
  • citation generator (ISO 690 and APA style)

printed documents e-documents

System Features[edit | edit source]

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  • citation generation

After registration

  • citation management (editing, sorting into folders)
  • import of records by ISBN (from library catalogs, Amazon and web services)
  • evaluation of records
  • inserting notes
  • links to full texts
  • inserting contents
  • book covers, website previews
  • folder exports (HTML, TXT, RTF and BIBTeX)
  • folder sharing + access rights
  • search in own citations
  • RSS feeds of folders

Generator of citations at VŠCHT (University of Chemical Technology)[edit | edit source]

here, among other things, citations can be generated

  • norms
  • patents
  • laws

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