WikiLectures - elective subject

From WikiLectures

Can you work with Wikilectures? Do you want to learn how to use them?

Help us make Wikilectures perfect!

Thanks to previous semesters, we have been able to translate articles on Wikilectures together that need to be progressively improved.

Primary course content

  • Proofreading existing articles (correcting categories, templates, citations).
  • Revising articles (adjusting the format and appearance of articles)
  • Searching for spam, duplicate articles, and plagiarism.
  • Translating templates into English.
  • Adding links to relevant pages on wikilectures.
  • If interested, it is possible to write new articles.
  • etc.

All details will be communicated to enrolled students via email.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to contribute to WikiLectures. The course is based on quality not quantity.


As a condition of taking the course, we will track activity under your username on Wikilectures.

We want you to pursue Wikilectures on your own without being forced to meet certain milestones. We want to see at least some work behind you.

If necessary, we will list a specific number of things you will need to do to complete the course. For example: do a specific number of small edits, fix a specific number of citations, fix/add a specific number of categories, etc.