WikiLectures:Treating spam

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How do you recognize spam? It is usually anonymous user or new user who inserts strange article containing links to external sites, discussing a topic which does not concern medicine.

How to treat spammer?

  1. In history of the page with spam click on the rollback link.
  2. Add template {{Spam}} to the discussion page of the spammer and don’t forget to add your signature.
  3. If the spam was entered by anonymous user, you can see information about his IP address on the discussion page after saving the template as decribed above. Please click on Report IP … to the provider link and fill in the form. E-mail address of the provider will be displayed under the form (it usually starts with abuse@... and does not contain anything like or
  4. Send the message using the form.
  5. Administrator should block the spammer. If any page is repeatedly attacked by spammer, you can protect it using the protect link at the top of the page.
  6. If you cannot block the spammer, please enter template {{Block|Spam}} to his discussion page.