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Any user can contribute to WikiLectures by creating new articles, editing existing articles, or even editing the WikiLectures environment itself. We greatly appreciate all contributions and changes that users make.

WikiLectures Team

A group of people, generally referred to as the WikiTeam, is responsible for helping authors, maintaining and improving WikiLectures. The members of the wikiteam are technical support staff, editors, administrators and members of the faculty. The editors and administrators are responsible for the immediate care of WikiLectures users.

Editorial board of WikiLectures

The editorial board of WikiLectures consists mainly of medical students. They are very familiar with the environment and structure of WikiLectures, the wiki language and some of the technical details of the project. They edit WikiLectures with considerable enthusiasm to make it clear and as useful as possible for users, and help authors with the creation and inclusion of articles.


Editors are members of WikiTeam. They know structure and the trafic of WikiLectures.

Rights and areas of interest

  • categorizing of articles
  • inserting articles in portals
  • editorial process
  • they can help other authors to create an article
  • they should protect WikiLectures before vandalism and spam

List of Editors

Head Editors


This user is a member of WikiTeam
on the level head editor.

Head Editors are advanced members of WikiLectures team who protect WikiLectures from vandalism and spam. Head Editors have extended access rights to the WikiLectures, so they can (and should), for example:

  • Lock pages (i.e., allow only logged-in users or even only administrators to edit them) and unlock them again.
  • Block users' who damage WikiLectures, for example by posting spam.
    • Block a user from sending e-mail (blockemail)
    • Block other users from editing (block)
    • Bypass IP blocks, auto-blocks and range blocks (ipblock-exempt)
  • Delete pages and restore them.
  • Fix system messages, modify some system files and the appearance of WikiLectures.
  • and more...

Head Editors take care of the running of WikiLectures, so that the balance does not tip in the wrong direction. They also help new users and less advanced editors, doing admin work.

List of Head Editors


This user is a member of WikiTeam
on the level administrator.

Administrators are the "superiors" of Head Editors. They manage the running of the entire wiki and coordinate the further development of the WikiLectures. In addition, they have permission to take actions that are irreversible, may affect the security of WikiLectures, or whose misuse could cause widespread damage.

In addition to administrator permissions, they may:

  • Grant and remove access rights' to other users.
  • Merge multiple accounts of a single user together.
  • Cancel a user account.
  • Change other users' settings.

List of Administrators