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How to create an article for an exam question[edit source]

Exam questions tend to be specialized and specific to each faculty. For all the right reasons however, wikilectures articles should be more autonomous and general. By general, we don't mean "simple & general information" but the actual title of the article to refer to a general entity.

Here's an example with 2 faculties having different question titles for essentially the same thing.

  1. Faculty "A" - Physiology department question #5: "Ionic Basis of Action Potential"
  2. Faculty "B" - Physiology department question #23: "Resting membrane and Action Potential"

It would be redundant to create two different articles with the same information on "action potential". So, there's a very simple way to keep it under a general sense and still be able to compile a specific answer to each exam question.

Steps to follow:

  1. Find which questions from the exam-question-list can supported by an "autonomous" article. (such as in the example above).
  2. In the above example, it is obvious that there should be an article called "Action Potential" and another one called "Resting membrane potential". These articles' contents can be later embedded via a single wiki-tag in the exam-answer articles.
  3. For the Factulty "A" Physiology exam question #5, you should change the link to: [[Action Potential|Ionic Basis of Action Potential]]. This allows you to link to the general article, but at the same time retaining the original, actual exam-question title in the list of the exam questions. Don't forget to add [[Category:Physiology]] at the very end of each article (after the references)!
  4. For the Faculty "B" Physiology exam question #23, you should create an article with the title "Resting membrane and Action potential". This time, there's no need to modify the link as described above. Now you can embed the already existing content from the articles "Action Potential" and "Resting Membrane Potential", into this new article, using the following tags:

{{edit article|Action Potential}} {{:Action Potential}}

{{edit article|Resting Membrane Potential}} {{:Resting Membrane Potential}}

--Paris Charilaou 00:07, 31 August 2011 (CEST)

how do i find out who wrote the information ?[edit source]

for my assignment I need to state the 'author' and my source for my references how do I find out who wrote the information ?

Hello, just visit the article you are using for your work and click the "clock" icon on the top right corner (means "history"). There you will find the information about all the authors of the article. --Petr Kajzar.jpg Petr Kajzar (Editorial Board of WikiLectures) 20:02, 25 April 2014 (CEST)