Transcultural psychiatry

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Definition of transcultural psychiatry[edit | edit source]

  • Considered a part of social psychiatry
  • It studies the influence of culture and social situations on the psychopathological symptomatology
  • includes the so-called culture specific disorders
  • includes also psychiatric problems of immigrants and foreign workers

Culture specific disorders- Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Mental disorders appearing in a geographical region (e.g. Malaysia, southeast asia...) that only appear there and are believed to occur due to cultural influence
  • The ICD-10 classifies them as "culture specific disorders"

Koro[edit | edit source]

  • the fear that your penis/vulva is shrinking and going into your abdomen and that you can die of it. ICD-10: F48.8"other neurotic syndromes"
  • in southeast asian countries, India, China

Dhat syndrome[edit | edit source]

  • described in India
  • an intensive fear of a loss of semen via masturbation, excess sexual intercourse , urinary disorders (a whitish urinary discharge interpreted asloss of semen), etc. Complaints about fatigue, loss of appetite, feelings of guilt.

Amok[edit | edit source]

  • ICD-10 recommends in contrast to the DSM-lV to classify it under F68.8 (personality and behavioral disorders)
  • „A willing, seemingly unprovoked episode of murderous and destructive behavior that is followed with amnesia or fatigue. Many of these episodes end in suicide" (Appendix ll, ICD-10)

Other transcultural topics[edit | edit source]

Gastarbeitersyndrome[edit | edit source]

  • depressive syndromes in workers coming from abroad

Cultural shock[edit | edit source]

International pilot study of the WHO on schizophrenia[edit | edit source]

  • was done in the 1960-70s
  • the prevalence of schizophrenia was stable across cultures
  • the types of symptoms people from different cultures had varied → in western countries they showed more depressive and anxiety symptoms (more isolation? stigma of schizophrenia?), thought insertion and thought broadcasting, while in non-western countries visual hallucinations were more frequent

Mental illnesses in minorities living in western countries[edit | edit source]

  • background: the prevalence of schizophrenia was the same in caribbean countries in comparison to the UK, yet african caribbean people experience schizophrenia at a higher degree if they live in the UK (immigrants) than their counterparts at home
  • Why? → higher rate of socioeconomic disadvantage, racism?,stress?..