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As tinnitus (ringing in the ears) we refer to auditory sensations for which there is no sound source in the external environment.

Subjective Tinnitus[edit | edit source]

Auditory perception is not linked to real physical sound, it is perceived only by the patient.

Objective Tinnitus[edit | edit source]

Objective tinnitus is less common and is caused by an actual sound source near the auditory system, the sound is not only heard by the patient.

  • Blood flow in a vascular malformation (arteriovenous shunts), stenosis, aneurysm or in a tumor can be influenced by compressing the supply artery.
  • More rarely, the contraction of the musles of the middle ear has the character of peeling or humming.

Anamnesis[edit | edit source]

We describe symmetry/lateralization, intensity, character, pitch, duration and affectability.

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