The Biological Factor of the Tooth

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Biological tooth factor is a sign of tooth quality.

Criteria for evaluating the biological factor of the tooth[edit | edit source]

1. Clinical component

2. X-ray component

Division of teeth according to biological factor - according to Voldřich[edit | edit source]

  • I. class: canines, first and second molars
  • II.class: upper central incisors, all premolars, third molars
  • III.class: upper lateral incisors, all lower incisors, all teeth with a bad biological factor

Division of teeth according to meaning within dentition[edit | edit source]

  • Teeth with a positive meaning
    • Absolutely necessary: They have the highest biological value, serve as class I pillars, have the longest prognosis.
    • Relatively Necessary: Serves as pillars II. and III. classes.
  • Teeth with a negative meaning
    • Absolutely negative: They worsen the biological factor of the dentition as a whole.
    • Relatively negative: Their presence threatens other teeth or causes traumatic articulation.

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