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The Term template identifies an article as a dictionary entry. It is used for short articles, e.g. definitions of terms (Leukocyte). When using a term, the following applies:

  • should include used literature. An exception is if it is an explanation of a commonly known medical term (e.g. Visceral);
  • be concise, e.g. a few sentences and one figure. If the article is expanded, the template entry should be removed;
  • a brief entry and a more extensive article can coexist.

Articles tagged with the "term" template are automatically included in vocabulary. The template also inserts a command that disables links to edit parts of the article that appear on the right side (__NOEDITSECTION__) and a command that hides automatically generated content (__NOTOC__).

Inserting the template

To use the template, paste the following code above in the article text:


Your term will be automatically included in the Category:Term.

Example of use

Bacteremia is a condition in which...

Bacteremia is a condition in which...