Template:Suspicious account

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This template should be used for inserting of warning message on talk page of user which user’s account is suspected because of its name or activity. This account will be sorted to category.

How to use this template?[edit source]

Insert on the users talk page:

{{Suspicious account|{{subst:REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}}}

If the user response until 14 days, the revisiontime stamp shoud be removed({{Suspicious account}}) and on his talk page should be inserted "Thank message". If he do not response, then his account will be shifted to category and our head editors will block him.

Inserted text[edit source]

Dear Suspicious account,

there is a serious reason to be afraid that this account was created by a software robot, or violate our terms of use. We would like to verify authenticity of this account. Because of this, we would like you to answer this mesage on your talk page or send us an e-mail.

If we do not get your answer in 14 days, we will have to block this account. We are sorry for any complications and thank you for understanding.

Best regards,