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This page is being considered for deletion
This page is being considered for deletion  

Reason: not specified.

If you do not agree with deletion of this page, remove the template {{Delete}} from the source code of this page and clarify your opinion at the discussion page.

How to use this template[edit source]

If you think that a certain article should be deleted, insert {{Delete}} at the beginning of the page. You should also write the reason for deletion: {{Delete|some reason}}, however this template can work without the reason.


  • {{Delete|This text is copied from a textbook.--~~~~}} (recommended)
Reason: This text is copied from a textbook.--Belvoir 13:56, 15. 11. 2008 (UTC)
  • {{Delete}} (not recommended)
Reason: not specified.

In the reason you should also include your signature by writing this code: --~~~~.

Pages marked by this template are inserted into the category Delete.