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This is a page containing a subtemplate. It is intended only for use in other templates, not for insertion into articles.

This subtemplate helps with creating templates using a box.

Template insertion

Insert this code into your new template, delete unnecesary parameters and the remaining parameters fill in.

|type =
|color =
|image =
|title =
|text1 =
|text2 =
|text3 =
|text4 =
|text5 =
|text6 =
|text7 =

Description of the parameters

  • type – Specifies the size of the box. There are two possibilities: the default standard and optional mini.
  • color – You can insert hexadecimal code (e.g. #FFFFFF for white) or English name of the color (e.g. white).
  • image – Insert the name of your image followed by its file extension (e.g. Logo.jpg).
  • title – The title of the template will be displayed bold and bigger.
  • text1, text2, text3, text4, text5, text6 – Basic text displayed in standard characters (if you do not format them).
  • text7 – Smaller text at the end of the template.

All setup parameters are optional.