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The taxonomy of viruses is based on the division according to the nucleic acid, whether it is single- or double-stranded or the polarity of the strands. Other features are the presence of the envelope, the shape (or symmetry) of the virion. The taxonomy is constantly being refined and changed. There are only medically important genera and species in the scheme.

DNA viruses

Nucleic acid Type of strand cover figure Representatives
DNA ss (single strand) yes does not exist
DNA ss without cover icosahedral Parvovirus
DNA ds (double strand) yes icosahedral Herpesviridae (HSV,VZV, CMV, EBV...)
DNA ds yes icosahedral Hepadnaviridae (Hepatitis B vir.)
DNA ds yes complex Poxviridae (smallpox virus)
DNA ds without cover icosahedral Adenovirus
DNA ds without cover icosahedral Papovaviridae (papiloma virus)

RNA viruses

Nucleic acid Thread and polarity cover figure Representatives
RNA ss without cover icosahedral Picornaviridae (Entero and Rhinovirus)
RNA ss (-) yes helical Myxovirus (Influenza)
RNA ss (-) yes helical Paramyxovirus (parainfluenza, measles )
RNA ss (+) yes icosahedral Togaviridae (e.g. rubella virus)
RNA ss (+) yes icosahedral Flavivirus (yellow fever, tick. Encephalitis, etc.)
RNA ss (+) yes icosahedral Retroviridae (virus HIV)
RNA ss yes helical Rhabdoviridae (rabies virus)
RNA ss yes helical Filiviridae (Ebola)
RNA ss yes helical Arenaviridae (Lassa, LCM)
RNA ss (+) yes helical Coronavirus
RNA ds without cover icosahedral REOviridae (Rotavirus)

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