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Malnutrition is defined as a nutritional disorder due to an absolute or relative deficiency or excess of nutrients or their imbalance . Malnutrition can be divided from several points of view:

Malnutrition from malnutrition - lack of nutrients. Malnutrition - excess nutrients.

General malnutrition - arises from a lack or excess of energy in the diet (protein energy malnutrition, obesity). Specific malnutrition - arises from a deficiency or excess of individual nutrients.

Primary (exogenous) malnutrition - caused by insufficient or excessive supply of nutrients. Some of the primary malnutrition affects millions of people. Secondary (endogenous) malnutrition - arises due to disorders of nutrient absorption , disorders of nutrient utilization ( enzyme defects ), nutrient interactions with drugs. Compared to some primary malnutrition, they are rare. Environmental factors (xenobiotics, smoking ) can also contribute to malnutrition .