Solar syndrome

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Plexus solaris on the sides of truncus coeliacus

Solar syndrome is pain arising from the solar plexus, located in the epigastrium or the other regions of the abdomen. The nerve plexus can be irritated by some pathology or it can be excessively sensitive without any apparent reason. This condition is not usually mentioned in foreign literature.

Clinical manifestation[edit | edit source]

The clinical manifestation predominates as pain in the middle line of the epigastrium, and irradiation to the right and left side can occur, usually under the rib arches. Its dependence on food intake is not observed, however deterioration usually occurs in case of the mechanical irritation of the region or an increase in intra abdominal pressure.

Diagnostics[edit | edit source]

Diagnosing is rather difficult as no objective finding which matches the syndrome has been described yet. It is important to palpate and eliminate all other possible causes of the problem. The pain should correlate with the course of the abdominal aorta , or its branching into the iliac artery. The pain also occurs locally, in areas in the course of these blood vessels.

Therapy[edit | edit source]

Calming down and describing the nature of the problem to the patient can often help in the treatment. In such cases, we recommend the same regime and lifestyle as for the patients with disorders due to the vegetative lability of the gastrointestinal tract. We try to eliminate the mechanical irritation of the affected area; it's also possible to perscribe anxiolytics and other local physical methods, however their effect is disputable.

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