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Sexual abuse (§187 Criminal Code): "Whoever has intercourse with a child under the age of 15, or who otherwise sexually abuses them, shall be punished by imprisonment for 1 to 8 years."

This section includes a whole range of different crimes, committed for sexual motivation against children before puberty, pubescents and teenagers.

In order to assess the motivation of the crime from a sexological point of view, it is necessary to take into account primarily the physical sexual maturity of the object. Of practical importance is the distinction between crimes committed on children before puberty and those committed on objects with expressed secondary sexual characteristics.

In the latest survey of the sexual behavior of the Czech population, 11% of women and 8% of men stated that they had been sexually harassed by an adult, mostly male, under the age of 15.

Sexual abuse, even if it was non-violent and even if the "victim" actively participated in it, is always traumatic for the child. If not directly physically or mentally, then indirectly. Such an experience in childhood can negatively affect the entire value scheme of the child in relation to sex. This then has an adverse effect on the process of sexual socialization.

Children and adolescents are protected by §201 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Endangering a child's upbringing. Among other things, seducing young people into prostitution, exposing them to the influence of pornography and other sexual indecency, sometimes committed against teenagers, are punished here. Also in § 202 Tr.z. Seducing sexual intercourse.

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Author: doc. MD Jaroslav Zvěřina, CSc. (head of the Institute of Sexology of the 1st Faculty of Medicine and VFN)

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