Primary Prevention of Common Chronic Diseases

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Primary Prevention of common chronic diseases

Primary prevention-prevention of diseases by suppression of their casual factors and improving resistance of man. Health promotion,health protection


  • infectious diseases- cause of an epidemic or pandemic eg Hepatitis,TB,
  • atherosclerosis and its complications-chronic degenerative vascular disease,has links to : obesity , diabetes mellitus type 2 , hypertension , hyperlipidemia
  • substance abuse
  • tumors- both genetic load in families and because of the environment
  • allergies-

Methods used

Lifestyle Modifications

  • consumption of variety of foods-a balanced diet ensures increased and better immunity,
  • reduction of fat especially animal-reduction of cholesterol which would help in reducing onset of atherosclerosis,obesity/lower BMI,
  • increase consumption of fibre foods
  • avoid too much sugar and salt-avoidance of DM 2,metabolic syndrome,hypertension
  • increase fluid intake and reduce excess alcohol consumption-keeping the body hydrated helps in avoiding hypertension and reduction of alcohol will go a long way in helping with reducing body fat accumulation,also reduces chances of carcinogenesis ability of alcohol,and decreased immunity
  • Increase in physical activity-helps in lowering body fat and thus helps with the CVS

Smoking-complete cessation is best,reduces majority of common ailments eg cancer,CV disease, chronic respiratory disease

Vaccination-prevents some infections that lead to chronic diseases eg HBV-HCV-chirosis and hemangio cell carcinoma,HPV-cervical cancer


  • easy
  • cheap
  • high specificity
  • ability in early detection

eg-colorectal cancer-fecal occult blood testing, breast cancer-mamography, cervical cancer-PAP smear


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