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Winter semester[edit | edit source]

S1: Vessels and innervation of bones; growth and healing of bones. Ossification of bones and bone age

S2: Synovial joint; biomechanics of knee joint; congenital dysplasia of the hip (CDH)

S3: Innervation of muscle; muscular atrophy; varicose veins of lower extremity

S4: The vessels of extremities – palpation, pressure points, punctures; palsy of median, ulnar, radial and common peroneal nerves

S5: Bone marrow; curvatures of the vertebral column

S6: Diaphragmatic hernias, inguinal hernias, femoral hernia;. layers of the abdominal wall and its innervation and blood supply

S7: The skull of newborn and its size, growth of the skull; biomechanics of temporomandibular joint

S8: The vessels of head and neck– palpation, pressure points, punctures

S9: Cleft defects; teeth eruption

S10:Oesophageal varices; positions of vermiform appendix

S11: Liver segments; innervation and motility of the intestine, ileus

Summer semester[edit | edit source]

S1: Laryngotomy, tracheotomy; pneumothorax

S2: Renal transplantation; renal lithiasis

S3: Menstrual cycle; ectopic pregnancy; per rectum examination – principle, importation

S4: Heart- X-ray; auscultation, coronarography; PTCA (percutaneous transluminar coronary angioplasty); bypass

S6: Sucking reflex; corneal reflex; hemiplegia alternans; facial nerve palsy

S7: Cerebellar syndromes

S8: Parkinsonism, bleeding into internal capsule

S9: Liquor and its circulation, intracranial hypertension, hydrocephalus

S10:Paracentesis, nystagmus

S11:Ophtalmoscopy; pupillar reflex; glaucoma, cataracta

S12:Sentinel lymph nodes in tumors of mammary gland