Portal:Prescriptions for final examination in Pharmacology (1. LF UK, GM)

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    1. Rp. A drug for motion sickness
    2. Rp. Antimicrobial agent in ophthalmology
    1. Rp. A drug that reduces cholesterol levels
    2. Rp. Antidepressant drug
    1. Rp. Ointment with 5 % Acidum boricum
    2. Rp. A drug for the treatment of oxyuriasis (for a child b.w. 20 kg)
    1. Rp. Glaucoma (eye drops)
    2. Rp. A drug for hypertension (medium potency)
    1. Rp. Antibacterial drug combination for external use
    2. Rp. Drug for bleeding after delivery
    1. Rp. Infusion of mannitol 10 % (Infusio mannitoli 10%, 500 ml)
    2. Rp. Antimalarial drug
    1. Rp. Antiemetic drug
    2. Rp. Hepatoprotective drug
    1. Rp. Antitussic drug with codeine
    2. Rp. Diuretic drug with medium intensity of action
    1. Rp. Eye drops with atropine (Magistraliter)
    2. Rp. A drug for the treatment of epilepsy "petit mal type"
    1. Rp. Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug for adult patient
    2. Rp. Chemotherapeutic agent of urinary tract infection
    1. Rp. Opioid analgesic in drops (Magistraliter)
    2. Rp. Antistaphylococcal drug
    1. Rp. Drug that inhibit lactation
    2. Rp. A drug used in prophylaxis of angina pectoris
    1. Rp. A drug useful in collitis ulcerosa
    2. Rp. An oral anticoagulant drug for patient in outpatients
    1. Rp. An anxiolytic drug
    2. Rp. Chemotherapeutic agent for streptococcal throat infection
    1. Rp. A drug in hyperuricemia
    2. Rp. A drug in asthma bronchiale, acute attack
    1. Rp. Potassium salt for p.o. application
    2. Rp. A vitamin B12 preparation
    1. Rp. Keratolytic ointment (Magistraliter)
    2. Rp. A short acting hypnotic
    1. Rp. A preparation containing progesterone
    2. Rp. A H1 antihistaminic drug
    1. Rp. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) suppositories for a child (15 kg) (Magistraliter)
    2. Rp. Antacid drug
    1. Rp. Suppositories with glycerol
    2. Rp. A drug in angina pectoris (acute attack)
    1. Rp. Intestinal adsorbent
    2. Rp. Antiviral drug for local use
    1. Rp. Nonopioid antitussic drug
    2. Rp. Macrolide
    1. Rp. Infusion with 10% glucose (Infusio glucosi 10%, 400 ml)
    2. Rp. A drug in status epilepticus
    1. Rp. Eye drops with antiseptic drug
    2. Rp. Peroral antidiabetic drug
    1. Rp. A drug in chronic congestive heart failure
    2. Rp. Urological tee
    1. Rp. Low molecular weight heparin
    2. Rp. Antimanic drug
    1. Rp. Combination preparation with antipyretic-analgesic action (Magistraliter)
    2. Rp. Chronic congestive heart failure
    1. Rp. Saline laxative (Magnesii sulfas, Natrii sulfas decahydricus) (Magistraliter)
    2. Rp. A preparation containing iron
    1. Rp. Eye drops with 1% pilocarpine (Magistraliter with Pilocarpini hydrochloridum)
    2. Rp. Potassium sparing diuretic
    1. Rp. Preparation with sedative action containing plant extracts
    2. Rp. Nootropic drug
    1. Rp. Keratoplastic ointment (Magistraliter)
    2. Rp. Highly potent diuretic drug
    1. Rp. Suspension with 5% tannin for external use (Magistraliter with Tanninum)
    2. Rp. Central myorelaxant drug
    1. Rp. Analgesic drug for myocardial infarction
    2. Rp. Vitamin E for p.o. application
    1. Rp. Antimicrobial preparation for erradication of Helicobacter pylori
    2. Rp. Digoxin for 75 years old patient with reduced kidney functions
    1. Rp. Opioid analgesic drug as injection
    2. Rp. Hypnotic drug with longer duration of action
    1. Rp. Antiparkinsonian drug (most commonly used)
    2. Rp. Antihistaminic drug for gastic ulcers
    1. Rp. Oral contraceptive drug
    2. Rp. Drug for onychomycosis (Antifungal drug)
    1. Rp. Oral anticoagulant drug
    2. Rp. Uterotonic drug after delivery
    1. Rp. A plasma substituent
    2. Rp. A commonly used neuroleptic drug
    1. Rp. Hormonal drug with immunosupressive action
    2. Rp. Drug with antiaggreganting (antiplatelet) action