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Left bone from the nasal surface
Left bone from the behind

Os palatinum (palatine bone) is a paired bone consisting of two horizontal lamellae that join each other in the midline and ventrally press on the processus palatinus maxillae. The vertical slats are still attached to the slats and together they form a shape similar to the letter „L“.

Anatomical structures[edit | edit source]

Lamina horizontalis[edit | edit source]

A horizontal lamella dorsally facing the nasopharynx, ventrally attached to the maxilla. It contains several formations:

  • sutura palatina transversa – a visible seam connecting the lamellae to the maxilla;
  • crista nasalis – an elevation after the connection of both bones in the middle line, the lower part of the vomer fits above here;
  • foramen palatinum majus – opening of the canalis palatinus major from the sulcus palatinus major of the vertical lamella, behind this opening are the foramina palatina minora; leading vessels and nerves from the pterygopalatine fossa to the palatum durum.

A special formation on the border of the vertical and horizontal lamella is the processus pyramidalis extending laterocaudally.

Lamina perpendicularis[edit | edit source]

The vertical lamella has an external (maxillary) and an internal (nasal) surface. It also contains several important units:

  • on the nasal side, there are strips for connecting the middle and lower nasal shells (continuation of the connection from the proc. frontalis maxillae);
  • proc. orbitalis and sphenoidalis are part of the respective bones;
  • incisura sphenopalatina with foramen sphenopalatinum are formations between the two projections, important for the passage from the pterygopalatine fossa to the nasal cavity.

Most common variants[edit | edit source]

Variations are infrequent, usually the absence of a pyramidal or orbital process.

Palatine bone in the human skull

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