Occupational therapy

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Occupational therapy is a field of rehabilitation. It tries to achieve the highest possible quality of life for a person with a disability (physical or mental) by means of a meaningful activity. Occupational therapy is holistically focused - it tries to understand the client and his environment and respect his wishes when creating a therapy plan. An occupational therapist works as part of a multidisciplinary team.

The term occupational therapy is currently abandoned because it does not correspond to the current concept of occupational therapy.

An occupational therapist can work in:

hospital – in departments for children and adults (traumatology, ICU, oncology, neonatology, psychiatry, rheumatology), in spas;

social facilities – homes for the elderly, stationary, therapy workshops, sheltered housing;

other facilities – rehabilitation medicine clinics, early care, home care.

An occupational therapist can also provide advice on workplace ergonomics or the selection of compensatory aids, but can also work as an assistant for people with disabilities.

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