Musculoskeletal pain (pediatrics)

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Pain in the musculoskeletal system can have different etiologies:

  • pain caused by inflammation
  • pain caused by injury
  • pain in avascular necrosis
  • pain caused by cancer
  • growth pain
  • endocrinopathic pain
  • idiopathic pain

Inflammatory pain[edit | edit source]

Inflammatory joint pain manifests itself mainly at rest, is worse in the morning, improves after movement (the patient must "move" the joint). There are signs of inflammation: calor , dolor , tumor , loss of function . Redness (rubor) is usually present only in septic arthritis.

Pain caused by injury[edit | edit source]

Growth pain[edit | edit source]

Endocrinopathic pain[edit | edit source]

This is especially the pain caused by hypothyroid myopathy.

Idiopathic pain[edit | edit source]

In idiopathic pain such as Sudeck's syndrome the patient's psyche is significally represented. The pain is typically unbearable with maximum reading on a visual analog scale. The patient does not use the limb because it hurts; examination of the limb also corresponds to the physical finding. When the limb is involved (the patient recognizes that the pain does not come from the limb itself), it is possible to adjust the condition.

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