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Metoprolol is a selective β1-adrenergic receptor blocker without intrinsic sympathomimetic activity. Its selectivity is not complete, especially at doses above 200 mg it also significantly blocks β2-receptors. It is mainly used as an antihypertensive. Metoprolol decreases the plasma activity of renin.

In particular, non-retarded forms (metoprolol tartrate) are also used to treat some arrhythmias. Metoprolol reduces heart rate and the number of ventricular extrasystoles. Prolongation of diastole improves perfusion and oxygenation of the myocardium, therefore metoprolol is also indicated in the treatment of some ischemic heart diseases (especially angina pectoris).

Betaloc® ZOK 100 mg (ie higher dose) - metoprolol in delayed form for oral administration
Vasocardin® 100 mg (ie higher dose) - metoprolol with a faster onset of action for oral administration

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