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  • ICD-10: Sadomasochism F65.5

A masochist is erotically fascinated by aggression directed against his person. He becomes sexually aroused when he is molested, stomped on, humiliated, bullied, beaten or even tormented.

It is an inverse sexual preference in relation to sadism. Because the props of fetishistic sadism and masochism are actually identical and the area of sexual interests similar, both deviations are sometimes described as 'sadomasochism. Masochistic elements are rarely present in pseudo-pedagogical and especially aggressive sadists.

Masochists cajole or bribe their sexual objects into tormenting, humiliating and commanding them. Deviation can take a heterosexual and homosexual form. The object can be adults and adolescents. Only rarely are children the object of masochists. Some masochists prefer outright geronts. Many masochists are not looking for a partner. Either because he does not want to share his intimate interests with anyone, or because he is autoerotically oriented. Such masochists sometimes inflict serious injuries on themselves using various torture devices of their own design. For example, a man who repeatedly masturbated with an imitation penis, which he inserted into his anus. He rubbed the "Tool" with pepper and cayenne pepper to induce the desired rectal pain.

The phenomenon of ``erotic asphyxiophilia can also be attributed to masochism. These individuals induce sexual arousal by strangling themselves with their hands or with a choker. In more complex cases, they build various nooses ('repetitive erotic hanging). The stimulation technique used is so dangerous that it sometimes happens that the patient pays for the autoerotic manipulation with his life. Every year, the police find several men killed by autoerotic manipulations. It is interesting that in the vast majority of cases the immediate surroundings of such a person have no idea about his deviant tendencies.

The classic of fetishistic masochism was the Austrian count and writer of historical and erotic novels 'L. von Sacher-Masoch (1836 - 1895). His erotic novels are devoted to descriptions of dominant women, dressed in leather and fur. The opposite of dominant women are submissive and enslaved men who serve their mistresses and are excited by their despotism.

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