Indications and Contraindications of Endodontic Therapy

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Indications of endodontic therapy[edit | edit source]

  • Irreversibly damaged pulp tissue

Vital extirpation
Removal of infected dentinal tubules

  • Necrosis or gangrene of the pulp tissue

  • Prosthetic reasons
Lower incisors and premolars must always be endodontically treated before a crown preparation, because pulp chamber can easily be penetrated
Lack of retention for prosthetic work (use of post & core)
When we want to make parallel wall in teeth for a bridge work

Vital extirpation and root canal filling in one visit

  • Injury (trauma)
Complicated fracture of the tooth crown, root apex is already developed

Vital extirpation and root canal treatment in one visit

Contraindications of endodontic therapy[edit | edit source]

  • Social
Lack of time (patient, doctor)
Economic constraints
Restless patient (Down syndrome, Parkinsonism)
Lack of interest from the patient
Poor hygiene
Patient prefers other solution (denture, fixed bridge)

  • Technical
Extreme root canal anatomy (e.g. dens in dente)
Fractured instrument in the canal
Non removable root canal filling or cast post
Unsatisfactory armamentarium of the dentist

  • Conservative
Heavy marginal periodontitis
Vertical fracture of the root
Deep root caries
Huge resorption of the root
Tooth with no importance (majority of those teeth are the wisdow)
Focal infection

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