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The recommended length for a WikiLectures article is approximately the length of a chapter in a textbook or script. The article should treat one topic from the perspective of one discipline.

Splitting an Article[edit | edit source]

Excessively long articles can be divided into two or more smaller ones. As a rule, under the original title we leave the longer, more general article, or the one to which the title fits better. When saving to edit summary, we write: A section has been removed from the article [[Name of the new Article]]. We will then create a new article under a new name. In the edit summary, write Separated from article [[Title of original article]]. If the two newly created articles need to be named differently, we always move one of them to preserve the history.

At the end it is always necessary to check all links leading to the article (the Link here tool in the Tools menu) and point to the corresponding new articles.

Literature[edit | edit source]

If an article is sourced using references, the references will appear at the end of the article automatically. If this does not happen, it is necessary to check that the full citation is included at least once in the new article, not just the short form (<ref name="name of the book" />).

If only literature used is listed for an article, we will check which of the listed books were used and list those. If this is not possible, we list the literature used as it was for the original article.

If a source was given for the original article, list it for both new articles.

Suggest a split[edit | edit source]

If you are not sure about the article division, you can suggest the division by inserting a template {{split}} (vložte {{Split|Name of the separated part}}) on the talk page, adding the reasons why you think a split is appropriate.

Content preservation[edit | edit source]

We can also preserve the entire original article. We will create new smaller articles from its content, which will function as lego bricks. We will then assemble them into a larger article. In the original article, we will insert a link to the newly created, shorter article using. {{:Name of the new article}}. This will insert the entire content of the article except for the text between <noinclude></noinclude>.