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Renaming an article is not possible; the title change is done by moving the article under the new title.

Moving an Article[edit | edit source]

Moving articles can be done using the move button after clicking on the "Action" / "Akce" and then one "Move" / "Přesunout". Enter the new title in the form and describe the reason for the move. Always keep both Move the relevant talk page and Follow this page checked. The article's history is moved with the article, and a redirect from the old page to the new one is automatically created.

Check the links to the article, fix them as needed, and correct the links from portals or redirects.

If you are unsure of the move or the move is not possible because there is a redirect under the new name, for example, suggest the move by inserting the template {{Move}} (code {{Move|New name}}) on the talk page. Below the template, add why you are proposing to move the article.

Cave!!!.png Do not rename articles by deleting them and copying them into the newly created article. In this case, the entire history of the article needs to be recovered.