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You can insert an image or embed a video or sound player in the article. You can either insert a file from Wikimedia Commons, a Wikimedia project, or upload a new file locally to WikiLectures.

Images on WikiLectures

If you want to add an image to your article, you have two options:

  • use an image from Wikimedia Commons (images from all Wikipedia languages); possibly an image with a free license e.g. from the medical portal, services such as Flickr or Pixabay
  • upload to WiiLectures a custom image to which you own the copyright;
An Image from Commons

Lots of nice pictures can be found in Wikimedia Commons. These are most of the images that appear on all language versions of Wikipedia. If you want to embed an image from this repository into a WikiScript, you don't have to copy and upload the image here. Just click on Toolbar insert file.png or insert [[File:Name of the file]].

Image editing

Inserting a simple [[File:Filename]] will display the image at its maximum size. If you want to shrink it, align it sideways or add a caption, use the so-called parameters. These are separated by a vertical bar (the "|" character below the edit box or key shortcut: right Alt + W).

  • thumb – displays a right-aligned preview of the image;
  • width in pixel – image will be resized to set width (eg. 200px);
  • left, center, right – aligns the image;
  • title – the inserted text will be displayed as a caption next to the image.

All parameters can be combined. An example of a common use is:

[[File:Pneumonia x ray.jpg | thumb | 220px | Pneumonia - chest scan]].

Pneumonia - chest scan
Upload your own image

Uploading a single image

  • Click on Load File in the left Tools submenu.
  • Click Load file and select the image.
  • Fill in Target name (Structure of heme.jpg rather than IMG_2456.jpg), Description, Source, Author, Date and Category.
  • Select the appropriate licence. Preferred is Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.
  • Click on Load file.

To insert an image into an article as you would for Commons images, click Toolbar insert file.png or insert [[File:Name of the file]].

Be careful with copyright. It is better to use your own images. In case of using other image than yours – don’t forget to fill all the gaps and select appropriate license. See also author law page.

Loading a new version

To load a new version of an existing image, click the Load new version of file link on the image page. Click Load File to select the new version and enter a description of the change from the previous version in the Description field.

Upload to Wikimedia Commons

You can also upload your image to Wikimedia Commons. This will allow it to be used in other projects such as Wikipedia. To upload to Commons, click on Upload to Commons in the left Tools menu and follow the wizard. For a more extensive explanation of the procedure for uploading files to Wikimedia Commons or moving them from WikiLectures to this repository, see Uploading and moving files to Wikimedia Commons.


To insert a video, use Template:Video. The syntax is simple:

 {{Video | url =}}

The url parametr is the base URL address of the video from YouTube, MedicalMedia, or Vimeo. Copy that address from your browser's address field.

For example:

{{Video | url =}}
{{Video | url =}}
{{Video | url =}}

This will embed a video player directly in the article.


Do you want to play heart sounds or stethoscope records at WikiLectures? It is very simple and usage depends on its format. First of all you must be logged in and upload a file to WikiLectures server.

OGG sounds

If you use the ogg format, the file has to be uploaded at WikiLectures or Wikimedia Commons. And the syntax is similar to images:

Code Description
[[File:Video.ogg]] Display a video at its nominal size. Displays a still image from the midpoint with a play button to start an embedded player.
[[File:Audio.ogg]] Show a placeholder for a sound file, with a play button to start an embedded player.
[[File:Video.ogg|thumb]] Show a video in a floating thumbnail box
<gallery>File:Video.ogg</gallery> Show a video embedded in an image gallery
[[File:Video.ogg|noicon]], [[File:Audio.ogg|noicon]] Hide the help icon.
[[File:Video.ogg|noplayer]], [[File:Audio.ogg|noplayer]] Show still image or placeholder icon only, do not embed player.
[[File:Video.ogg|thumbtime=1:25]] Use a frame from 1 minute 25 seconds into the video as the placeholder image. A single number is taken as an offset in seconds.
More detailed help for images on other Wiki

For more information on the formatting options for inserted images, see e.g.: