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You can find here basic information, how should an article look like.

Length of Article[edit | edit source]

The article should be one chapter long, approximately one page A4 (1.800 characters). Longer articles are usually a bit confusing. When you want to make a longer article, then it is better to split them in more articles which will be shorter.

Structure of Article[edit | edit source]

You should start with simple definition at the beginning of the article. The structure of the article is created by headings. More detailed information how to create headings, can be found here.

End of Article[edit | edit source]

Reference[edit | edit source]

For inserting "reference list" just use this structure:

== Links ==
=== Related Articles ===
=== Bibliography ===
=== References ===
<references />

Related articles should contain two or three links to related articles at WikiLectures. Try to find related topics and link to existing articles.

Bibliography is list of all sources that you used when writing the article. You should not copy the text word by word from any source, however, it is highly recommended to provide links to all sources (books, websites, articles) that you used to study the topic.

References are automatically created if you provide some sources in the text. For this feature just find “Reference” button in the edit toolbar.

You can delete items, which you do not need. But, please, keep the <noinclude>.

Citation[edit | edit source]

If you need to create citation of any book, article or website, you can use the template {{Cite}}.