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Students can use WikiLectures for publishing their own study materials, notes from lectures, exam questions or essays. These texts shouldn't copy existing available materials. Teachers can insert handouts or updated study materials.

What articles are useful at WikiLectures?[edit source]

Teachers[edit source]

Most appropriate articles are such that:

  • replace current "handouts" or other additions to the educational process;
  • enhance current educational materials by providing up-to-date and important information that is missing or not readily available;
  • replace frequently updated textbooks or study materials

In all of these cases the WikiLectures facilitate your work!

Things to avoid:

  • entering materials that are not necessary for undergraduate education;
  • entering short entries - dictionary definitions – these should be entered into the WikiLectures Dictionary or Wiktionary and then linked back here;
  • entering too extensive and detailed information;
  • entering highly original work or materials that require more extensive level of copyrights;
  • entering materials that quote other works and their citation could be considered as a copyright violation;
  • entering articles that contain pictures or other parts that should not be available to general public;

In the above-mentioned cases, the traditional ways of text preparation may be an option with subsequent conversion to PDF file. You can also upload only a piece of your work and than use external link from WikiLectures.

Students[edit source]

Appropriate articles are such that:

  • complement study materials in cases when the available study materials are too detailed or incomprehensible;
  • were created as essays assigned by the teacher;
  • deal with exam questions.

Avoid articles that:

  • are not objective, up-to-date and with neutral point of view;
  • use copyrighted material without permission or are in conflict with author law;
  • copy accessible study materials without – selecting important information (main points) or summarizing more different sources;
  • are not related with educational process such as – autobiographical pages (there are some exception in case of user pages).

Basics[edit source]

Title of an article should be short, unique and apposite. Don't use special symbols and exact formulation of an exam question.

The article should be approximately one chapter long. Use the first sentence to define and introduce the theme. Use headlines to structurize your text, write mostly in whole sentences, use lists to arrange simple facts or criteria. You can highlight important facts using bold or italic. Write references and sources at the end.

Don't forget to check for articles of the same or similar subject before you start using search.

Copyright[edit source]

Pay attention to the copyright policy of WikiLectures. Insert only your own text or text you have been given permission to publish by the author. If so, write Transferred with permisson from... in summary by saving it for the first time. It is recommended to check the accuracy of the article in literature. Reliable sources must be listed in all cases.

Searchtool right.svg For more information see Author Law, Directions for contributors.

Don't be afraid if you're not sure. Any contribution you make is worthy, editors will help you finish your article according to your idea.

You can continue to other help pages or create your own article.