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Question number MCQ Answer
1 Which one of the vision complications below may be more likely caused by the natural aging process?

A- Hyperopia

B- Astigmatism

C- Presbyopia

D- Myopia

2 Astigmatism can be corrected by ___ lenses.

A- Concave

B- Toric

C- Convex

D- Uv

3 Which one is NOT true about Snellen type charts?

A- The chart is not standard, therefore, results may be different according to the type of chart.

B- Patient may remember the symbols and this can affect the accuracy of the results.

C- This chart allows optometrist to diagnose refraction problems with the eyes of the patient.

D- At the conventional distance of 6 m normal vision should have the value of 6/6 for each eye separately.

4 In examination of the eye with a refractometer convergent rays represent ___.

A- Myopia

B- Physiological state of the eye

C- Vision ability of the patient at 6 meters away from the Snellen chart.

D- Hyperopia

5 Myopia means ___

A-    Farsightedness

B-     Nearsightedness

C-     Blindness

D-    None of the above

6 Hyperopia means the eyeball is ___

A-    Too short

B-     Too long

C-     Damaged

D-    None of the above

7 Presbyopia is ___

A-    When the eye is physically damaged

B-     An eye infection caused by bacteria

C-     A genetic mutation in the eye

D-    None of the above

8 A refractive error in which the eye doesn’t focus light equally along perpendicular axes is called ___

A-    Myopia

B-     Presbyopia

C-     Astigmatism

D-    Colour blindness

9 What does the refractometer mainly measure?

A-    Focal length of the eye

B-     Refraction of the lens system of the eye

C-     Field of vision

D-    None of the above

10 According to the Snellen chart, the most common vision is ___

A-    6/6

B-     6/12

C-     6/4

D-    4/6

11 When using the Snellen chart, the patient should start with ___

A-    The bad eye

B-     The good eye

C-     Both eyes

D-    It doesn’t matter

12 The smallest lines the patient can read in Snellen’s chart are called ___

A-    Division

B-     Snellen index

C-     Minimum

D-    Fraction

13 Which of the following methods is used for the optometric examination of the eye:

A-CT scan

B- optotype

C-X Ray

D- none of the above

14 Which is correct about optotypes:

A-it’s a subjective method

B-the patient tells the examiner what he see

C-does not tell us anything specific about the eye disorder

D- all the above

15 Regarding optical power:

A-it depends on the focal length of lens

B-the units are Dioptres

C-the optical power of the lens of the eye can be changed

D-all the above

16 The refractometer:

A- can distinguish between myopia and hyperopia

B-it’s a subjective method

C- doesn’t calculate the value of optic power

D-none of the above

17 Choose the correct statement about the refractometer:

A-) infrared light is reflected off the retina

B-) the refraction of the lens system of the eye is measured by checking the direction of the infrared light when it emerges from the eye

C-) the infrared light is detected using a CCD device

D-)all the above

18 Which problem can be encountered when using the refractometer’s automatic mode?

A) Calibration Error

B) Too long measurement

C) Permanent loss of eyesight

D) Eye pain