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Starting at Wikilectures, getting acquainted with general features

1)First of all, one must create an account, where he or she fill's in the "Real name", same one as listed in his or her SIS account. Optionally, it is advised to fill in "Email address", because then he or she can be sent an email directly from Wikilectures, using a form (the email address is not published). The link is here:

2)After creating an account, all editing must be done when logged-in. One can do by clicking "Log in" in the top right corner of the page, where then the Username is displayed. By clicking on the Username, the Personal preferences can be edited.

3)The list of recently created accounts is here:

4)If the username is red, the user homepage has no homepage yet. It is advised to do so and write a little about yourself and/or upload a picture of yours.

5)At any point of our work, we can click on the logo of the staff of Aesculapius (top left corner) to get back to the homepage.

Wiki page must have:

  • Wikilinks to main pages on the topic, links to related pages are welcome
  • References template