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Dysthymia is a mood disorder with similar symptoms as a depressive syndrome , but with less intensity of a depressive episode. In the International Statistical Classification of Diseases ICD-10: F34.1 among persistent affective disorders.

The development of dysthymia tends to be inconspicuous, people are sad, they point to negative events such as rising gas or electricity prices, etc. They tend to be pessimistic and look at the world with considerable skepticism.

For the diagnosis, it is necessary that this mild depression lasts for at least two years and that the patient feels it as a subjective burden. It is necessary to distinguish dysthymia from pessimism itself as a personality trait. In pessimism, that sadness is not present.

Treatment can be combined pharmacotherapy with psychotherapy

Risk factors cyclothymia, alcohol, drugs
Classification and references
ICD F34.1
MeSH ID D019263
MedlinePlus 000918

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