Drug-eluting Balloon

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Drug-eluting stent
Drug releasing stent

Drug Eluting Balloon is one of the methods of endovascular arterial recanalization. Its use is similar to traditional balloon angioplasty, but the surface of the balloon is coated with a cytostatic (paclitaxel, sirolimus), which is pushed into the [[Vessel] during insufflation |vascular walls]]. The cytostatic has a local antiproliferative effect. Its use is mainly indicated for the treatment and prevention of restenoses and intimal hyperplasia.

In addition to DEB, there are drug-releasing stents (DES) that release the cytostatic agent gradually in lower doses. The advantage of DEB is the homogeneous transfer of the drug into the vessel wall with an immediate high local concentration. It is suitable for both coronary and peripheral vessels. Compared to DES, they are advantageous, e.g., in the treatment of in-stent restenosis, in bifurcations, small vessels, in case of diffuse impairment.


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