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Template:Zkontrolováno Template loop detected: Template:Infobox - kost Collarbone, or clavicula (clavicula) lies in a category of long bones, but is actually only 15 cm long. Its body is S shaped (laterall third dorsaly, the rest ventraly).

  • Medial end, extremitas sternalis, is bigger and articulates with manubrium of sternum.
  • Lateral end, extremitas acromialis, articulates with acromion of scapula.

The ligamentum coracoclaviculare is attached to the tuberositas coracoidea at the lower end of the clavicle. The clavicle represents the only bone connection between the axial skeleton and the upper limb. All pressures and shocks are transmitted through it from the upper limb to the chest. Collarbone fractures tend to be much more common than disruption of one of the two joints in which they participate.

Ossification[edit | edit source]

The clavicle begins to ossify around the 6th week of pregnancy. The peculiarity is that the bone ossifies endesmal . Thanks to this, the ossification is completed faster, in the newborn the body of the clavicle is already bony. The complete completion of the ossification occurs around the age of 21.

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