Class II cavity treatment, suitable filling material

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Class 2 cavity treatment, suitable filling material[✎ edit | edit source]

Class 2[✎ edit | edit source]

aproximal surface of post teeth with or without class 1 defect

Treatment generally same as the class 1 fillings except for oclusal box

  • Composite:

Must provide clearance form adjacent tooth, using a matrix. Prepare aproximal edge (i.e. remove it). Hold bur parallel to vertical axis, when at aproximal edge. Gingival (downward) extension should be as minimal as possible. Preparation size determined by extent of caries

  • Amalgam:
Same preparation and preparations of proximal sides is same as above, But more prone to fracture and creep in the aproximal regions
  • Tunnel prep:

Access to carries made via occlusal or buccal surface. Only suitable for small lesions due to difficulty of caries removal. Technique rarely used

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