Cavocaval anastomosis

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Cavocaval anastomoses are venous connections between vena cava superior and vena cava inferior.

  1. v. cava superior – v. subclavia – v. thoracica interna – v. epigastrica superior – v. epigastrica inferior – v. iliaca externa – v. cava inferior
  2. v. cava superior – v. subclavia – vv. thoracoepigastricae, v. thoracica lateralis, vv. costoaxillares – v. epigastrica superficialis – v. saphena magna – v. femoralis – v. iliaca externa – v. cava inferior
  3. v. cava superior – plexus venosi vertebrales – v. cava inferior
  4. vena cava superior – v. azygos et hemiazygos – vv. lumbales – v. cava inferior

These connections are particularly functional in restricting flow through the normal bloodstream. When obstructing the trunk, the veins thus provide an alternative flow path, most often in the area of ​​the anterior abdominal wall.

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