Arteria radialis

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Template:Infobox - artery 'Arteria radialis' descends from the division of arteria brachialis in the elbow landscape along the radial side. On the wrist, between musculus brachioradialis and musculus flexor carpi radialis its pulse is palpable. [1] We can also find it in foveola radialis . After crossing ossa carpi, it runs on the dorsal part of the hand, where between the heads of m. interosseus dorsalis primus enters Guiot´s space and forms arcus palmaris profundus '. [2]

It branches into r. palmaris superficialis that supplies 'arcus palmaris superficialis' , it has also brachnes for rete carpi palmare and dorsale and arteria princeps pollicis . It supplies the muscles of the anterior and lateral groups and the skin in the lateral half of the forearm. Arteria radialis also participates in the supply of the palm, the back of the hand and fingers. [1]

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