Apocrine glands

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Apocrine (aromatic) glands are coiled, tubular glands with a long duct that are found in the axilla, perigenital, perianal, and around the nipple. They become active only after reaching sexual maturity. The composition of the secretion is under the main influence of sex hormones. They are located deep, at the interface of the coria and subcutis, usually opening into a hair follicle. The oily product of the aroma glands contains proteins, lipids and steroids and is odorless. Substances. which are perceived as aromatic, arise only after the activation of the product by skin microbes.

Eccrine sweat glands are similar, but we can find the following differences on a histological specimen:

  • balls are bigger;
  • have a larger variable clearance;
  • well visible myoepithelial cells;
  • variable height of epithelial cells — strangulation separates the apical part.

A special form of these glands can be found in the eyelid as Glands of Moll and the external auditory canal as glandulae ceruminosae.


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