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Use[edit source]

If you insert this template unauthorized, you users account will be blocked!

This template can be inserted by pedagogue by special button Button article de qualite.png Was checked over his edit window, or when inserting {{Was checked|{{subst:REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}|~~~}}.

The checked article will be sign by this symbole:

Symbol kept vote.svg

Correctness and authorization of using this template will be checked by editorial board of WikiLectures. Procedure for editors can be found here...

Incorrect use[edit source]

If the template is inserted incorrectly − only {{Was Checked}} you will see warningnote:

Incorrect use of the template!
Incorrect use of the template!  

You have inserted the template without neccessary parameters. Please, correct it − insert in page code text:
{{Was checked|{{subst:REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}|~~~}}

Categorization[edit source]

  • The articles where is inserted the template Was checked, are automatically sorted in category Checked articles.
  • If the checked articel is changed, the articl wil be shift to category Changed checked articles. The symbol will be changed too.
Changed checked article.png
When you place your mouse over this symbol, links to checked version and to differences between current and previous checked version of this article are shown.
  • Itf the checked article stay without changes more than 3 years, will be shift to category old checked articles and will be sign by symbol
Old checked article.png
  • If the template is inserted incorrectly, the article will be shift to category Forgotten.