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How to use this template?[edit source]

If you insert this template unauthorized, you users account will be blocked!

This template can be inserted by pedagogue by code {{Review|{{subst:REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}|~~~}}.

Reviewed article will be marked by this symbol:

Artículo bueno-blue.svg

Correctness and authorization of using this template will be checked by editorial board of WikiLectures. Procedure for editors can be found here.

Incorrect use[edit source]

If the template is inserted incorrectly − only {{Review}} - you will see warning:

Incorrectly inserted template!

You have inserted the template without neccessary parameters. Please, correct it − insert in page code text:

Categorization[edit source]

  • The articles, where is used the template Review are automatically sorted in category Reviewed articles.
  • If the reviewed article is changed, the article will be shift to category Changed reviewed articles. The symbol of article will be changed too:
When you place your mouse over this symbol, links to reviewed version and to differences between current and previous reviewed version of this article are shown.
  • If the checked article stay without changes more than 3 years, will be shift to category Old reviewed articles and will be marked by symbol
Old checked article.png
  • If the template is inserted incorrectly, the article will be shift to category Forgotten.