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This article is forgotten  

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If you want to edit this page, please try to contact its author first (you fill find him in the history). Watch the discussion as well.

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Creating and editing the article is a long process and anything can go wrong. Maybe you realized there is a similar article at WikiLectures and you want to merge these two articles together. Or you made a mistake in the title of your article and you want to rename it. You will get to know how to delete, rename, move, merge or split an article here. Please read the information about templates first.

Move an article[edit source]

If you want to move your article to the better title and create a redirect from the present title, click the arrow next to the search field and click the link Move. Just fill in the form (current title, new title, reason) and that is it! The content of the article including its history and authors will be moved to the new location while the old title will redirect to the new one. Please be sure that:

  1. you checked all the articles that link to the moved one (link What links here in the left toolbox), change the links if it is possible
  2. you moved the talk page as well if it is necessary

If you are not sure about the moving of the article, you can insert a template {{Move}} inserted to the talk page of the article and the editorial board will move it.

Delete an article[edit source]

Only head editors and administrators can delete articles. If you do not have the right to delete an article, you can ask for deleting by the template {{Delete}}. You insert it to the top of the article and you can write there your reasons to do this. If your reasons will be good, editorial board will delete the article.

Do you have the right to delete articles? The procedure is as follows: click the arrow next to the search field and choose Delete. You will fill in the form with the reasons why you do so and the article will be deleted. Please, do not forget to:

  1. check the articles that contain link to the deleted one (link What links here in the left toolbox), change the links if it is possible
  2. delete the talk page of the deleted article

Rename an article[edit source]

Article cannot be renamed. So the best practice is to move it to the new location (new title) and then delete the previous (old) one.

Merge an article[edit source]

Split an article[edit source]