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An infobox is a pre-prepared table containing basic data about the article's subject.

This page serves as an overview of created infoboxes that can be used in new or existing articles.

Articles using infoboxes can be found in Category:Articles with infobox.

How to use infoboxes[edit | edit source]

Infoboxes are inserted using the source code from the table.

Images are inserted into the infobox without the "File:" prefix, just the image name with the extension. Fill in the image caption in the caption entry. Follow the typography as it is in the specific sample infoboxes (upper and lower case, etc.).

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Example Source code

endocrine pancreas
heterodimer composed of two chains (α and β, connected by disulfide bridges)
skeletal muscle, myocardium, adipose tissue, liver
insulin receptor
increases glucose entry into cells and Proteosynthesis, inhibits Glucagon release and fatty acid formation; in liver: glycogenesis, TAG formation, glycolysis, reduced glucose and ketone body formation; in muscle: glycogenesis, glycolysis
{{Infobox - hormone
| name = 
| picture = 
| description = 
| gland = 
| structure = 
| target organ/tissue = 
| receptor = 
| effect = 
| OMIM =