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Timing of X-ray[✎ edit | edit source]

  • Diagnostic
Coronal zone
Periapical zone
  • During the endodontic treatment
  • Follow up radiographs

Diagnostic X-rays[✎ edit | edit source]

  • Coronal zone X-ray
Preventive X-ray
Bite wing technique
  • Periapical X-ray
Bisecting angle technique
Paralleling technique
Eccentric periapical X-ray

X-ray During Endodontic Treatment[✎ edit | edit source]

Tooth 26 during root canal treatment
  • Preoperative periapical radiograph
quality of the previous endodontic fillings
fractured instruments

  • Working length radiograph
for that purpose we use a K-file or a H-file

  • Before definitive filling of the canals with the main gutta percha point at right working length
we check the accuracy of the apical saddle

  • After definitive filling of the canals
We check whether we were successful or not

X-ray in Follow up[✎ edit | edit source]

  • Is done after 6 months, 12 months, 2 years and 4 years after the end of the treatment
  • Success depends on whether the contours, width and structure of periodontal space are normal

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