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General embryology[✎ edit | edit source]

  1. Development of female gametes – oogenesis
  2. Development of male gametes – spermatogenesis
  3. Fertilization and early development of the human embryo
  4. Development of the blastocyst
  5. Implantation of the blastocyst
  6. Development of the amniotic and yolk sacs, chorion
  7. Embryonic disc and its differentiation
  8. Formation of the germ layers
  9. Notogenesis
  10. Primitive blood circulation
  11. Development of the umbilical cord and placenta and their developmental anomalies
  12. Placenta and fetal membranes structures and development
  13. Development of the facial region
  14. Development of the tooth
  15. Primitive cardiovascular system development
  16. Growth of the embryo, signs of the full-term baby, childbirth (parturition)
  17. Multiple pregnancies, twins and their fetal membranes
  18. Differentiation of mesoderm and mesenchyme
  19. Anomalies of the implantation, ectopic pregnancy
  20. Causes and manifestations of abnormal development, teratogenesis
  21. Development of the nasal and oral cavities
  22. Development of the chorion and chorionic villi. Hematoplacental barrier