Coeliac Ganglion Blocade

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Coeliac ganglion blocade is a type of paliative tratment of abdominal pain especially in patients in terminal stage of malignant diseases as:

This procedure is the best solution for all these patients, when the clasical therapy of pain by drugs (opioids) has side effects (nausea, obstipation…) or does not have required effect.

The coeliac ganglion is localized near to thruncus coeliacus in retroperitoneal space.

The celiac ganglion is nervous ganglion localized in retroperitoneal space and surrounds the origin of the celiac trunk. It leads abdominal pain.

Procedure[edit edit | edit source]

The blocade can be performed:

  • percutaneously under radiological control (CT);
  • endoscopically under EUSG control.[2].

Then is into the ganglion injected 12 ml of 96% ethanol, 6 ml of 0,5% marcain and 0,5 ml of constrast agent by a needle.[1]

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